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The Three Stages of Demonic Possession;

1.   INFESTATION—- This is where the demon makes itself known. Knocks or rapping on walls (always in sets of 3). Strange happenings. Whispers, strange electrical activity, objects moving, etc. Most of the time voices and knocks come from the left side.

2.   OPPRESSION—-  This is where the demon picks a specific person and tries to break them down to a point of despair so it can take over the body. It will use a wide array of things to alienate that person from family and friends. Trouble sleeping, nightmares, hallucinations, fits of violence and self hate. This can be quick or take days, months, years.

3POSSESSION—-  This is where it will actually take control of the body.  Still trying to break the will to possess the soul which they cannot do unless it is completely broken down. This is the ultimate goal of the demon, to steal the soul once the possessed dies or commits suicide.



So Far Away by Charli XCX from the album: True Romance


The cast (and Jim and Loren) respond to the Bob’s Burgers porn parody that exists.

Don’t worry about the thumbnail—video is completely SFW.


this will never get old

Criminal (from American Horror Story) [feat. Sarah Paulson] by American Horror Story Cast from the album: Criminal (from American Horror Story) [feat. Sarah Paulson] - Single